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I want freedom...

2020-06-23 18:46

[I want freedom...]

Have you ever fretted yourself to death?

There are many of North Korean defectors who desperately risk their lives in order to gain freedom and humane life. Unfortunately, the situation became much worse for them due to the Coronavirus. They managed to escape to the third country, but borders and ways are strictly closed. Some of them are returning to the place where they had been struggling to escape from. That’s because they got tired of waiting for a long and exhausting time.

There are people who have fled after being a victim of human trafficking in China. They had been sold because they had no connection with anyone in China. Others have recently defected from North Korea and are waiting for help in the mountains or in safe houses. NAUH is currently making various efforts to resume rescue operations for them. Please pray for them to have hope and freedom as soon as possible.

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