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North Korea is not a safe zone.

2020-02-13 15:24

Ms.Kang was born in Samjiyeon, Yanggangdo in late 1980s. After schooling, she entered into a ‘youth storm troops’. In North Korea, there are many field labeled as ‘storm troops’. For instance, ‘science storm troops’, and ‘engineering storm troops’, etc to encourage people to work hard in their field for the communist regime.

The main duty of ‘youth storm troops’ which she belonged is to work at a construction site. Due to the shortage of construction equipment, everything had to be done manually. It was extremely hard for a girl in her age. Her hands, and shoulders were always bruised.

Her life seemed so hopeless with continual labors day after day.

One day in 2003, she did not go back to home, and ran away to China.

Consequently, the human traffickers sold her to an old Chinese man who lived in Hebei Sheng. She forcefully got married to him then lived with in laws.

After enduring a decade and few more years, she finally came to our safe house. For the safety issues of the defectors we cannot reveal the details of their journey.

She said “In North Korea, my life was on the line. No one would be curious if I died next day. In China on the other hand, they despise, and look down at North Koreans.”

Our rescue team is dare not imagine what her life has been in both countries. We would just pray, and help good life ahead of her.

Please join us in saving one life at a time.

We at NAUH desire to rescue every person who appeals to us for help, but there are times we must turn people down because of lack of funding.

It costs about $2000 USD to save one refugee life. (Our priority is orphans, women, and men in that order)

Because of your love, we are saving one life at a time;

NAUH has partnered with you so far to give freedom to 472 lives.

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