Rescue Stories

“How can we survive?”

2020-01-31 15:18
Ms. Kim was born in Onsung, Hamkyungbookdo in early 1990s. After her schooling, she was placed at a railroad station. The North Korean regime’s propaganda at that time was to be brave, and fully charged toward powerful nations. However, she was starving! She was too hungry to work or to even think about challenging the powerful nations.

When she was in North Korea, the majority factories which produce daily necessities closed down. So people had to depend on Chinese goods of all sorts. She was one of the “smuggler” who sold Chinese goods on the streets. She did it after finishing her mandatory work, but it did not matter to the police. All her belongings forfeited without any kind of fair trial.

She had no choice, but to leave the nation she was born in more than 2 decades ago. She left her home town last fall, and successfully arrived at out safe house.

She said that “The regime is literally telling us to die. All of the police use Chinese goods, and it is not fair to take our stuffs, then re-sell those for their profit.”

We hear that the police is not helping nor protecting the commoners, but take advantage of them. We, NAUH would love to see happiness, and freedom in their life. Thank you all supporters for having attentive ears to those who are in dire situation.

Please join us in saving one life at a time.

We at NAUH desire to rescue every person who appeals to us for help, but there are times we must turn people down because of lack of funding.

It costs about $2000 USD to save one refugee life. (Our priority is orphans, women, and men in that order)

Because of your love, we are saving one life at a time;

NAUH has partnered with you so far to give freedom to 470 lives.

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