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The petrified woman by the sound of sirens.

2019-12-04 13:50

Ms. Park was born in Hyorung, Hamkyungbookdo in early 1980s. She lost her father at the age of 6 with unknown disease. Because of the dire poverty, she could not go to school.

Her dream was to become a less burden to the family. She thought to herself that if she disappears, the family can save one serving of meal.

She had to cross the Tuman River at 18 years old, and expectedly sold to a man whom she has never seen before.

He would chase her to everywhere, even to the bath room. Her misfortune did not end there. Due to her illegal status was discovered, she was arrested by the Chinese police, and repatriated back to North Korea.

She was sentenced intensive labor at the prison camp. She was forced to work so hard that all her hands were blistered, and torn.

With all strength, and might, she fled again. This time she succeeded, and contacted us.

Park said “To me, the sound of siren is petrifying. I am too scared to even think about this”

Our rescue team would like her to have some peace in her heart, instead of terror, and fear.

Please join us in saving one life at a time.

We at NAUH desire to rescue every person who appeals to us for help, but there are times we must turn people down because of lack of funding.

It costs about $2000 USD to save one refugee life.

(Our priority is orphans, women, and men in that order)

Because of your love, we are saving one life at a time;

NAUH has partnered with you so far to give freedom to 462 lives.

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