Rescue Stories

“Two restless lives.”

2019-11-25 16:26

Ms.chang was born right after the great famine hit the North Korea severely with gruesome amount of despair. Yusun, Hamkyungbookdo is where she grew up with her mom, and grandmother.

When she was 8 years old, her mother left the country in hopes of making money to provide for the family. She helped her grandmother’s field work, and with having no steady circumstances, she was not able to attend the school on regular base.

She missed her mom so much, and one day her dream came true. She was finally able to locate her mother who was in prison. Her mother was repatriated from China in 2012, and sentenced 5 years in prison. The life of imprisonment, especially for women is harsh, unthinkable, and painful. Her mom survived 5 years of horrendous jail time, then when she came back home, she rested for days, and months until all her wounds were healed. As she became physically able, they fled.

This time, the mother, and daughter were together heading to China for the same reason the mother crossed the river 5 years ago. However, not knowing any place to help them in China, they had no choice but to go to the only home her mother knew which she previously lived with abusive owner who purchased her from the human traffickers. It is sad, but they were in desperate need of roof, and food.

Having countless days of sorrow, and tears, they heard about NAUH, and contacted us. They are on their way to South Korea with expectations of better, and safe future.

Please join us in saving one life at a time.

We at NAUH desire to rescue every person who appeals to us for help, but there are times we must turn people down because of lack of funding.

It costs about $2000 USD to save one refugee life.

(Our priority is orphans, women, and men in that order)

Because of your love, we are saving one life at a time;

NAUH has partnered with you so far to give freedom to 459 lives.

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