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I was being bullied in China

2019-11-05 16:07

In late 1980s, Ms. Bang was born to a poor family in Onsung, Hamkyungbookdo. Her mom passed away with malnutrition as she turned 10 years old. Her life was too busy to feel sadness, or to mourn for her mom. Her father had to go to work daily. Being the eldest daughter in the family, it was her duty to take care of her younger siblings of two when herself was only a child.

They were so poor that even a soup was not available for most of the days. She crossed the Tuman River in 2004 to find hope in China, and she was only a teenager. However, being a minor did not give her immunity from human traffickers. She was sold to a Chinese man who is 10 years older than herself.

She was daily teased by neighbors for being a North Korean. One day, she could not take it any longer, so said something upsetting to the neighbor who has been mean to her for years, but as a consequence, she was the one who got reported to the police. She was almost sentenced repatriation back to North Korea, but was released after paying some bribe money to the police.

We can’t share the details of her journey.

She came to our safe house last week. She is worried about her family in North Korea. When she arrives in South Korea, she wishes to be able to financially support her family in North.

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