Leaders’ portraits become a bigger priority than the lives of residents

2020-07-24 17:13

[Leaders’ portraits become a bigger priority than the lives of residents]

[Military learning materials for "prevention measures against damage in the rainy season" sent down by the North's General Political Bureau on the 18th. /Photo=Daily NK Military Internal News Agency]

The North Korean authorities recently distributed learning materials to the entire military on the prevention measures against damage during the rainy season. The military emphasizes that “the great leaders of Baekdu Mountain (Kim Il-sung, Kim Jong-il, and Kim Jong-un) should be the top priority.” They even started the 24-hour emergency alert system to protect the so-called "No. 1 works."

North Korea is concerned about this year's crop due to the suspension of trade caused by coronavirus disease (COVID-19). To make matters worse, there will be a serious food shortage if it suffers damage from the rainy season. Furthermore, farms and military houses are exposed to the danger of collapsing during the rainy season because most of them are built of soil. Nevertheless, the authorities are putting their budget and resources first in the protection of "No. 1 works", without taking measures to address these serious problems.

It is regrettable that North Koreans who are supposed to be protected are in danger due to the authorities' neglect and wasting of resources. The promise of "white rice and meat soup for all the people", which the great leaders of Baekdu Mountain have been shouting for three generations is overshadowed. We hope that the North Korean authorities will not hamper the lives of its people who struggle to survive. NAUH, the organization for North Korean human rights, acts for North Koreans’ peace and welfare.

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[, 장마 대책 최우선 과제는 ‘1호 작품 수호’... 주민 생명보다 소중한 장군님 모형]

최근 북한 당국이 전군(全軍)을 대상으로 ‘장마철 피해방지대책’에 대한 학습자료를 배포했다고 합니다. 군은 자료를 통해 ‘백두산 절대위인들(김일성·김정일·김정은)을 최우선으로 보위해야 한다.’는 내용을 강조하고 있는데요. 심지어 이른바 ‘1호 작품’을 보위하기 위해 ‘24시간 비상경계근무’ 체계에 돌입했다고 합니다.

북한은 코로나19로 인한 교역중단, 예년보다 심각한 가뭄으로 인해 금년 작황에 대한 우려가 큰 상황인데요. 장마로 인한 피해까지 더해진다면 북한에는 심각한 식량난이 발생할 것으로 보입니다. 당국이 ‘장군님 모형’을 수호하는데 국력을 낭비하는 탓에 정작 보호받아야 할 주민들이 위기에 처하는 것 입니다.

매년 반복되는 장마임에도 당국의 외면으로 인해 위험에 노출된 북한주민들이 안타까울 따름입니다. 백두산 위인님들이 3대째 운운하고 있는 ‘모든 인민에게 이밥과 고기국’ 약속은 바라지도 않으니, 제발 생존을 위해 애쓰는 주민들의 삶에 걸림돌이 되지 않았으면 좋겠습니다. 북한인권단체 나우(NAUH)는 북한주민들이 안심하며 살 수 있도록 행동합니다.

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