The Anniversary of the Worker's Party, which is more precious than the lives of people

2020-07-16 18:48

[The Anniversary of the Worker's Party, which is more precious than the lives of people]

[A military parade is being held at Kim Il Sung Square in Pyongyang on Feb. 8 to mark the 70th anniversary of the National Foundation Day. /Photo=Capture Chosun Central News Agency, Daily nk]

North Korea is expected to go ahead with a massive military parade despite the danger of coronavirus disease (COVID-19) in order to mark the day of October 10, the 75th Anniversary of the Worker's Party. According to an article, North Korea's military authorities have already assembled a rear-end support unit on July 13th to prepare for the military parade. The authorities are also planning to assemble 23,000 people on 20th.

The North Korean authorities are emphasizing the date of the anniversary, calling it “a meaningful revolutionary holiday that is in charge of the country and its people’s destiny." If, as the authorities say, the founding day of the party is a "holiday for the people," wouldn't it be appropriate to cancel the large-scale event for their safety? Only innocent North Koreans suffer under the authorities, which is preoccupied with maintaining Kim Dynasty and do not care about the safety of people. NAUH, the organization for North Korean human rights, acts for a world where North Koreans can live in peace.

[인민의 생명보다 소중한 당 창건일...]

올해 노동당 창건일 75주년(10월 10일)을 맞이한 북한은 코로나19의 위험에도 불구하고 대규모 기념 열병식을 강행할 것으로 보입니다. 기사에 따르면 북한 군 당국은 열병식을 준비하기 위해 이미 지난 13일 후방 지원 부대인 ‘보장 상무’를 집결시켰고, 뒤이어 20일에는 2만 3000여 명에 달하는 열병식 참가자를 총집합 시킬 것이라고 하는데요.

북한당국은 ‘우리 조국과 인민에 있어 운명을 책임질 뜻깊은 혁명적 명절’이라며 당 창건일을 강조하고 있습니다. 당국의 말대로 당 창건일이 ‘인민을 위한 명절’이라면 이들의 안전을 위해 대규모 행사를 취소하는 것이 마땅하지 않을까요? 인민의 안전은 안중에도 없이 김씨일가의 존속에만 몰두하는 당국 아래 죄없는 북한주민들만 고통 받을 뿐입니다. 북한인권단체 나우(NAUH)는 북한주민들도 안심하며 살 수 있는 세상을 위해 행동합니다.

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