North Korea forced its people to build a powerful economy on the death anniversary of Kim Il Sung

2020-07-09 12:07

North Korean authorities forced its people to build a powerful economy based on the principle of self-reliance as they marked the death anniversary of founding leader Kim Il-Sung on July 8. North Korean people not only have to keep paying respects to the great leader even after his death, but also be urged to get over the nation's economic difficulties by following his instructions.

Province Committee of the party summoned provincial officers in order to deliver policy to carry out Kim Il Sung’s instruction about socialist economic construction. The Committee ordered the officers to review whether they have sincerely carried out Kim Il-sung's teaching about the five major industrial sectors and required the submission of performance data for each of the five categories.

According to a source, the officers considered that this action aims at shifting the blame on the officers for the government's failure in economic policy. From this, it can be seen that the North Korean authorities do not prioritize practical economic development that improves the quality of people’s lives. They still use the supreme leader’s instruction in order to control and dominate people. NAUH acts for the liberation and freedom of North Korea.

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