May the changes take place in North Korea

2020-07-07 14:49

May the changes take place in North Korea

On June 28, a warm sun-filled Sunday, NAUH was invited by Sarang Basket, an organization for international relief and development, and had an event to reenact North Korean markets at SaRang Church. The event got a lot of attention from various people. There was a child who eagerly asked questions about North Korean goods with curious eyes. An elderly man who has suffered the pain of the national division as a displaced person also showed his interest to the event.

We told the audience about the real lives in North Korea as well as the poor situation of human rights there. We also asked them for continued attention.

Please join us in improving the North Korean human rights situation so that North Korean people can live a life for their dreams, not for survival. NAUH, the organization for North Korean human rights, will continue acting until there is a meaningful change in North Korea.

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