May our voices be helpful to North Koreans

2020-07-01 17:58

[May our voices be helpful to North Koreans]

It's already the last Saturday of June and it means almost half of this year has passed. Young members of NAUH gathered at Seoul Station as usual in order to campaign for North Korean human rights. We were a little nervous about holding a campaign because the inter-Korean relationship has become strained recently and the fear of coronavirus still exists. Even so, we gathered with the expectations of the campaign because it is for improving the North Korean human rights situation.

Whenever citizens fixed their eyes on the pickets, we hoped all those who read the messages would stay together for the sake of North Korean people.

An elderly person raised his thumb to encourage us as he passed by. Although NAUH's campaign seems to be lacking, we believe that it will be possible to change the North Korean human rights situation if we gather the small voices of the members and continue to spread them. I hope our voices can help the lives of North Korean people in some way. NAUH, the organization for North Korean human rights, will continue acting until North Korea makes the changes.

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