North Korean Defectors’ Visit to the National Cemetery in Daejeon

2020-06-26 15:55

[북한 탈북자들의 대전 국립 묘지 방문]

June 25 of this year marks the 70th anniversary of the outbreak of the Korean War. Staff members of NAUH and several North Korean defectors who were rescued by them visited the National Cemetery in Daejeon in order to pay tribute to those who sacrificed themselves for the country.

“They sacrificed themselves at a young age, not for their own sakes but for the benefit of the country. Thanks to their noble sacrifice, I could find a new home and enjoy freedom in South Korea. Unlike in North Korea, I thought it could be worthwhile to sacrifice myself for the country in South Korea,” one of North Korea defectors said.

After laying a wreath at the war memorial, we paid a silent tribute in honor of those who had died for the country. We were able to remember that today's Republic of Korea can enjoy its prosperity and liberal democracy thanks to the supreme sacrifice of those patriotic martyrs in the National Cemetery.

We hope that the tragedy of fratricidal war will never be repeated on the Korean Peninsula again. Also, we sincerely hope that every North Korean will be able to enjoy human rights in a free country. NAUH, an organization for North Korean human rights, will act to improve the human rights situation in North Korea while remembering the meaning of the sacrifice of the deceased patriots.

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