North Korean Defectors’ Volunteer Work

2020-06-22 18:07

North Korean Defectors’ Volunteer Work

A volunteer group of North Korean defectors, who were rescued by NAUH, came together after a long time. The gathering was resumed in order to reactivate the free meal service for homeless people at Seoul Station, which couldn’t have been held for a while due to the Coronavirus Disease (COVID-19). Although the fear of infection still exists, the group carefully took small steps toward volunteer work because there are people in need.

“Whenever I do volunteer work, I always feel like I should serve in a humble manner,” one of North Korean defectors who participated in the work said. Their manners and contributions are inspiring because they want to serve the community even though they are still struggling to resettle in South Korea.

The coronavirus pandemic has put everyone in difficult situation. However, it would be easier to overcome the current difficulties if we help each other just like the volunteer group did. Please give a lot of attention and support to the volunteer group of North Korean defectors.

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