Scholarship Donation Inspired Me to Sponsor too

2019-10-15 16:03

Scholarship Donation Inspired Me to Sponsor too

On the morning of Christmas Eve. A supporter came to our office to have lunch together. She was a middle-aged woman with a warm smile. She was an introverted person, so she told us it wasn’t easy to come to the office by herself. She said that she decided to sponsor NAUH (Now Action & Unity for Human rights) upon hearing that Ji Seong-ho had shared his scholarship with defector students around him.             "I know because I went through school with much difficulty. I was touched by how one shared even a small amount of money, so I decided to sponsor too.”

By the time we finished the meal, the sponsor gave us 300,000 won, saying that she wanted to help North Korean students who could not buy books. Thanks to this, three North Korean college students were able to go to school without worrying about books.

Even though her life wasn’t that abundant, she showed us how much love we are receiving. NAUH can continue to improve North Korean human rights through sponsors who helps us. Thanks to our sponsors’ warm hearts, we could rescue nearly 400 North Korean refugees from China so far. Thank you to everyone who cares about North Koreans and NAUH.

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