Freedom for 25 Million North Koreans

2019-10-15 15:50

Freedom for 25 Million North Koreans

On November 16th, Ji Seong-ho NAUH (Now Action & Unity for Human rights) representative gave a lecture on "My mission toward North Korea" at the US Embassy American Center. About 60 people who were interested in North Korean human rights attended this lecture. It was an opportunity for them to think about North Korean human rights once again. Some people have been shocked by the story of Ji, who had lived in North Korea and had been subjected to cruel human rights violations, but now lives as a citizen of the Republic of Korea as a human rights activist. Some young men wrote articles to share the story to more people.

As North Korean human rights activists and North Korean defectors, North Korea is a land that we hopefully won’t have to think about anymore. Now, there are 25 million inhabitants that are still suffering there, unable to escape. We ask for your support and help in giving them freedom and life.

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