Help Miracles Happen!

Hundreds of thousands of North Koreans defect from North Korea because of human rights abuses and hunger and are still in a third country (China). They crossed the border in the search of hope, only to be crushed by human trafficking and forced labor

These North Koreans just want a humane life.

But criminal organizations take advantage of them and Chinese authorities prosecute them,

even bringing them close to the threshold of death.

Is it wrong for a person to desire a free and humane life?

Without human trafficking

Without forced labor

Without unwanted pregnancy

Please help North Koreans live a humane life

North Korean defectors need your helping hand right now

Thanks to our supporters, more than 450 North Koreans have been rescued through NAUH, as of July 2019


You have already contributed to 450 miracles

Yet again, at this very moment, we need another miracle for North Korean defectors.

Please be a miracle for these people!

It is in your hands to contribute to world peace and improve human rights