From Victim to Advocates!

NAUH raises North Korean defectors, formerly victims of the North Korean regime,

to become human rights advocates for North Korea.

We educate them to improve human rights in North Korea and

to help them become healthy members of our society.

01. Training Democratic Activists

Democracy and human rights are not something that only a selected number of activists need to know.
We need to inform more people about democracy and
human rights and encourage them to act to promote democracy and human rights.

NAUH teaches North Korean defectors the basic mindsets of democracy and the value of human rights. We help them grow into democratic advocates in their respective positions in society.
After unification, we have a vision to assist them in going into North Korea and restoring the society.
Every year, the UN Seoul Office, NKDB, Amnesty International,
and many other North Korean human rights experts participate in this training.
In 2019, we worked with the International Children’s Rights Center to translate
the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child to the North Korean language.
The translated Convention will be used for human rights education to North Korean refugees. In addition,
we will continue to work with international organizations so that the Convention can be posted throughout North Korea.

02. Leadership Education

HUG Leadership Training, which aims to nurture facilitating leaders, is conducted twice a month.
It consists of debate classes and a variety of externally involved activities to understand both South and North society and to help them learn to communicate with each other.
Up to now, North Korean youths are becoming trained not only in leadership development, but also capabilities to help the society through various external activities such as the Korean War Remains Excavation Camps, Dream Camps with North Korean Refugees, Burmese Refugee Camp and so on.

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