“We Will Not Stay Silent on Injustice”

Even amidst historical changes, the one thing some 25 million North Koreans cannot enjoy is ”

human rights.” Human rights are a set of rights every free person is entitled to.

However, North Korean residents are not even aware of these rights

NAUH carries out various campaigns to improve North Korean human rights

Street Campaign

On the fourth Saturday of every month, we run a North Korean Human Rights Street Campaign at Seoul Station Square. Every month, an average of 15 to 20 people is present. North Korean human rights training is provided to the participants of the campaign.

North and South Salon

In order to provide a place to relieve dissimilarities and to better understand each other, we hold a cultural event called “North and South Salon,” where North and South Koreans attend. It’s a place where people who have different cultures but share universal values come together and communicate with each other.

Talk Concert

Various talk concerts are held within schools, military units, religious groups, and local public corporations. In these events, North Korean defectors testify the human rights situation in North Korea based on their experiences. The participants can reflect on the value of human rights through the questions and answers session.

Jangmadang (Market) Reenactment

We hold events that reproduces North Korean Markets at the “goon”(prefecture) level with actual North Korean goods. It is an opportunity to directly understand the livelihoods of North Koreans by looking at household goods, school supplies, military uniforms, etc. used by North Koreans. Various institutions and organizations are asking us to conduct this reenactment.

Kotchebi (North Korean Street Children) Reenactment

We are carrying out campaigns to reenact the real lives of kotchebis, the North Korean street children. These performances, which shows the livelihoods and thoughts of these young street children, have taken place domestically as well as in front of the
White House in Washington, D.C.

As victims of human rights abuses from the North Korean regime, we only realized that North Korean authorities are committing terrible human rights crimes after we gained freedom.

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