About NAUH


NAUH stands for “Now Action & Unity for Human rights” and means that we need to act together for human rights

NAUH was founded in April 2010 with North and South Koreans as well as international youth to improve North Korean human rights and prepare for the unification

NAUH and North Korean Human Rights

North Korean residents are experiencing a cruel reality. The North Korean authorities are indiscriminately abusing the human rights of children and adults. The regime publicly executes people because they watched South Korean dramas, mobilizes children and exploits their labor, and confiscates goods when North Korean residents participate in economic activities for their livelihoods, because the regime considers these economic activities as ‘anti-socialism.  NAUH is conveying love to North Koreans and informing them of their basic rights as a human being. In addition, we are informing the world about North Korean human rights status quo and appealing them to help join in improving North Korean human rights, so that North Koreans can become free of human rights abuses.

NAUH and Preparation for Unification

We are living in the age of unification.

There are about 32,000 North Koreans living in South Korea.

NAUH calls this phenomena “small unification.When we look at the case of German unification, we see that unprepared unification causes great confusion. That is why NAUH pays attention to the “small unification” era we live in now. The way North and South Koreans live together could be the way they will live together after the unification of the two Koreas. 

Small unification is not a unification from the view of political or economic perspectives, but the practice of person to person, becoming friends and living alongside each other. We hope that when dozens and hundreds of Koreans achieve small unification and expand the scope gradually, we will play a key role in the process of unification and the social integration after unification.

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