Rescue Stories

“I wish to be free.”

2019-10-22 14:19


 Ms. Chung was born in Chungjin, Hamkyungbookdo in mid-90s. After the education from the North Korean regime, she started working at a wig factory. However, the work did not pay enough for her family of two, so her mother had to work as well. Their dire situation lead her mother to sell Tobacco on the street. Her line of work was called “glass hopping vendor”. And these kind of work does not fit for the regime’s controlling measure, as a result, all her belongings were taken away by police.

Theses kind of desperation throw her to cross the Tuman River 3 years ago. She thought this was only way to survive.
As expected she was sold to a Han Chinese man, and was treated like his belonging. He did not abuse her, but she didn’t want to be treated like someone’s possession. At very fortunate chance, she ran away.
She came to our safe house last week, and said “I want to live like a human being, and breathe fresh air freely.”

Please join us in saving one life at a time.
We at NAUH desire to rescue every person who appeals to us for help, but there are times we must turn people down because of lack of funding.
It costs about $2000 USD to save one refugee life.
(Our priority is orphans, women, and men in that order)
Because of your love, we are saving one life at a time;
NAUH has partnered with you so far to give freedom to 451lives.

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