I will not be Silent Anymore.

2019-10-15 15:46

I will not be Silent Anymore.

- Four young North Korean Defectors attended the Oslo Forum -  


On November 9th, at 10:40 pm, when darkness fell, four North Korean defector students boarded on a plane to Taiwan with a curious expression on their face. They were on their way to attend the first Oslo Forum in Asia. This forum is a stage for the testimony of many human rights activists. A multitude of people attend this event where many activists and citizens participate. This time, there was a meaningful side event in which four of our North Korean defector college students conveyed the reality of human rights in North Korea.

"When I was in North Korea, my father had been committed to the correctional center for four years because he made a phone call with a person in South Korea. When he was discharged, he was barely alive. North Korea is a place where death was prevalent, such as by starvation, by suicide, and by eating dried seaweed that drifted from the seashore, and the seaweed later blew up his stomach and so on. I cannot accept or understand why those people had to die in such horrible ways.” (An excerpt from the testimonies of defector university students.)

At the end of our testimonies, many foreign reporters, people from the United Nations, and citizens asked various questions. We sincerely conveyed the reality of North Korea, that the inherent rights of people are being violated, with anger and frustration. Many people were interested about North Korea and emphasized with the reality of North Korea. We saw Professor Kelly from Busan ​​National University at the closing party. We were so grateful that there were so many people interested in North Korean human rights issues. Our North Korean refugees will no longer be silent. And we sincerely pay our respects to the courageous activists who fight against human rights violations.

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