Kim Jung-eun, Dismantle the Political Prison Camp before Visiting Seoul

2019-10-15 15:40

Kim Jung-eun, Dismantle the Political Prison Camp before Visiting Seoul

On the 20th of last month, after the third inter-Korean summit, the delegation of the Republic of Korea came back. At the summit, the North Korean human rights agenda was not addressed. It has been said that Kim Jung-eun, who has starved to death 3 million people and still keeps his position as the head of the country, will soon step into the Korean land. Along with the thought that something's off, we could not sit in front of the TV, thinking of those who crossed the border and put their lives at risk. So we got up and went to DDP. Foreign journalists such as RFA, CNN, and NHK came to listen to what we have to say.            "It is encouraging that the South Korean government has created a peaceful atmosphere on the Korean peninsula through the third inter - Korean summit. However, we expected the North Korean human rights issue to be raised in it, but President Moon Jae-in did not mention this issue. We are quite disappointed by this. The United States has searched for the remains of its citizens in North Korea and released detained American citizens with the President’s efforts. Yet, six South Koreans are currently detained in North Korea still. On the returning plane from the summit, our people should have been on board instead of two ton of mushrooms. "

Ji Seong-ho said, "I heard that Kim Jung-eun, head of North Korea, will visit Seoul. If Kim wants to step on the land of liberal democracy in Korea, he must express his willingness to improve the human rights of North Korea and provide specific measures to make practical improvements. The Republic of Korea is where many people have shed blood for the protection of democracy. The Kim family, who have already sacrificed too many people, cannot just step on it. "

On the eve of the third summit, NAUH (Now Action & Unity for Human rights) demanded the Korean president to "protect the New Berlin Declaration, in which it promised to voice the international community about human rights in North Korea". If the North Korean human rights agenda cannot be touched at the talks, at least we asked that some measures be provided, such as through relevant groups to suggest a roadmap to solve the problem. The answer is Kim Jung-eun’s visit news and mushroom. Because NAUH is a human rights organization, we will continue to work so that people's lives, liberties, and human rights are not regarded as obstacles to peace or excluded. This is the least we can do for the innocent mothers, siblings and daughters who are now wandering somewhere in China without a nationality.


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