North Korean Human Rights Campaign Report

2019-10-15 15:38

North Korean Human Rights Campaign Report

The Second North Korean Human Rights Campaign Report


Oh Myung Won Student


I participated in the North Korean Human Rights Awareness Campaign at NAUH (Now Action & Unity for Human rights). When I went home after the event, I looked up NAUH, the North Korean human rights group. I used to think that North Korean defectors would be different and recognizable from South Koreans. However, I was wrong.

I talked about the new facts I learned at the campaign to friends at school. I felt that my words influence my friends. So I talked about what I learned at NAUH in the class and in the school bulletin board. My friends have become more interested about North Korean human rights and joined me in the campaign. I was able to think about the situation that North Korean students, similar age as me, are in.

At the Seoul Station, I noticed many institutions who were campaigning too, passer-by, homeless people and soldiers at the Seoul Station. When I saw soldiers, I thought, it was because Korea is divided that there are so many soldiers in this country, and that Korea is paying a significant amount of money for manpower and security.

After I decided to do something to contribute to unification I was afraid there would be people who would criticize me more than sympathize with me. However, I saw some women cheer us during the campaign. I was able to have some confidence about my dream, to go towards my dream more.

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