Songs Echoed from the Top of Mount Halla on the Liberation Day

2019-10-15 15:34

Songs Echoed from the Top of Mount Halla on the Liberation Day

"My hometown is the flowering mountain, peach flower apricot flower baby azalea~"

One afternoon on the Korean Independence day, when the temperature felt like it was approaching 40 degrees Celsius, 40 North and South Koreans sang ‘My Hometown’ together. Some of them shed tears thinking about their family in the North, and some people sang thinking about unification.

These students who participated in the North-South Communication Camp, hosted by NAUH (Now Action & Unity for Human rights), have visited Jeju Japanese War monument, historical museums, and so on to watch the bruising history of Korea such as Jeju of April 3rd. The last course of this event that was held for four days and three nights, was to climb mount Halla. After eight hours and 30 minutes of climbing, the students who reached the summit sang a song, sharing the pain of a broken nation.

The defector college students have fled from North Korea to South Korea in response to the systematic suppression of human rights of North Korea, the endless hunger, and the political system in which free will isn’t respected. They were able to communicate with South Korean students and emphasize with them. Above all, these defector students looked at the tragic history of war. The defector students who remain a heritage of the tragedy of Korean War, were able to dream of a future where this kind of war would not happen again on the Korean peninsula. They also dream of restoring the lives of their siblings and families in North Korea, and of North and South Korea becoming one again. Please support them in making these dreams come true.

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